Airbag Backpacks

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Scott Patrol E1 30 Avalanche Airbag Backpack-aussieskier.comScott Patrol E1 30 Avalanche Airbag

Airbag Backpacks

We take safety very seriously here at If you are headed into terrain that calls for an avalanche airbag, don't go without. Nor do you want to be going without the knowledge of how to properly utilise them. Practice right and practice often.

The Avalanche Airbag is not the be all end all of safety. It is a small part of the puzzle that will help keep you safe in certain circumstances. They can help keep you up on top of an avalanche, but won't protect you from being smashed through trees and killed by trauma. You still need Beacons, Shovels and Probes and for your head to be screwed on straight before thinking about heading out into the Backcountry.

With that disclaimer out of the way, the technology going into avalanche airbags is amazing. For the most part, they are getting lighter and some now allow for multiple deployments. BCA has had a ton of success with the Float and Black Diamond & PIEPS have Jetforce technology.

We don't keep a ton of stock on hand but have access to the best brands and latest models, if there is something you are after, let us know and we may be able to source it.


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