Contour skins are some of the easiest to use and maintain skins on the market. They hold up to all of the challenges that Australian conditions offer up.
Contour Mohair Skin Waterproofing
Contour Startup Junior Touring Adaptor-aussieskier.comContour Startup Junior Touring
Contour Hybrid Cleaning


Contour are a family run Austrian company based out of Innsbruck in the heart of the alps. They focus on the production of climbing skins and specifically the adhesives that connect Skin to Ski and have done so since 1978. Contour skins have been around the block and back and are regarded as some of the best around. Many brands that we stock, including Atomic, Black Crows, & BCA, re-brand Contour skins. You may have spent time on them without knowing.

The golden product they sell is the Hybrid Skin. The Hybrid Skins have a dual layered adhesive that makes them incredibly easy to take care of & even easier to get on and off your skis. All whilst being one of the lightest and most functional skins on the market.

Contour are also all about making the backcountry accessible for all, they produce a terrific piece of kit for kids backcountry skiing, the Start up set for kids. It lets you clip your young kids into their existing skis and explore the backcountry with you. It is a lightweight and reliable piece of kit that grows as they grow and saves parents a ton of money but letting them use their existing skis.

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