Spyder specialises in high end Ski Outerwear, featuring high tech fabrics, tailored fits and iconic styling. Check out our range of Spyder Jackets and Pants.


Spyder have made a name for themselves over the years by creating functional & fashionable outerwear and clothing. Spyder's heritage is racing, creating early racing suits & clothing specific to ski racing, though has expanded in recent years. It now decks out a number of freeski athletes as well as the US Ski Team.

Their outerwear range features a huge number of fashionable pieces that are backed with incredible technology. Spyder partner up with Gore Tex to provide a range that is almost entirely made from Gore Tex Materials and are one of the first companies with the option of using Gore Tex's new stretchy fabrics.

We are excited to be ranging a number of their techy outerwear pieces. Favourites include the Tripoint Jacket, Schatzi Womens Jacket, Dare Pants, & the ladies Winner Pants.

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