Atomic Backland Bent Chetler 120 Powder Skis 2019

When you think of a modern powder ski, the Atomic Backland Bent Chetler is the first that comes to mind. Generous rocker allows this ski to be an incredible pillow-bashing, powder-slashing ski. With Chris Benchetler's input, it’s a ski that not only floats better in deep snow but also allows you to expand on the possibilities in powder.

Chris is renowned for effortless style in powder, pillows, butters, landing backwards etc. These skis are made for that. However if, like most of us, you tend to just go forward and enjoy making powder 8's with some buddies they provide incredible float and control when the snow is deep.

Atomic have stepped up the game with revolutionary horizontal rocker, 'HRZN Tech' adds 10% more surface area in tip and tail by raising the edge similar to a boat hull. This allows the ski to track through the variable snow with less tip deflection. Its Powder Rocker profile combines the perfect amount of tip and tail turn-up, while the camber underfoot delivers performance when the snow isn't bottomless.

A Light Woodcore build from tip to tail shaves 10% off of the skis weight while a Full Sidewall and Carbon Backbone add strength and stiffness. There's no skier too skilled for the Bent Chetler 120 for off-piste, heli-skiing or backcountry adventures, it's going to deliver whatever you demand of it. You've never known stoke until you've sent it on the Bent Chetler 120.

With a Carbon Backbone that runs the length of the ski like a stabilising backbone, a Step-Down Sidewall 2.0 for durability and a 120 mm waist for limitless floatation, the Backland Bent Chetler is the ultimate playful tool for your powder missions.

Do you need bindings as well? We have taken the guesswork out of it for you. Buy an Atomic Backland Bent Chetler 120 Ski and Binding Package now!

  • HRZN Tech
  • Step Down Sidewall 2.0
  • Light Woodcore
  • Carbon Backbone
  • Powder Rocker 30/40/30