Le Bent Le Base 200 Womens 3/4 Base Layer Pants

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Stay comfortable all day long with these Le Bent 3/4 length Thermals. The incredibly soft material excels in keeping you sweat-free and comfortable no matter what type of skiing or snowboarding you do. The Women's specific cut and sizing will ensure that these thermals don't only perform amazingly, but they leave you looking stellar as well.

The Le Base series represents the ultimate in versatility and comfort when you are out and about on the slopes. Made with the signature blend of Merino Wool and Bamboo Rayon, Le Bent Base Layers are soft on the skin and comfortable all day long. The blend of fabrics ensures that long days out don't leave you clammy and stinky. 

The lightweight 200gr fabric is perfect for shredding in Australian conditions, where the mornings are mild and the afternoons warm.