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Treat your gloves right and they will treat you right. Ski Gloves are a classic example of when a tiny bit of maintenance over the lifetime of a pair of gloves will keep them performing at their peak. Plenty of people swear that their gloves get better with time.

Given that they are the more prominent point of contact with the snow, besides your skis, it is important that their waterproofing and repellency is excellent. 

Caring for Leather Gloves

Here are a few simple tips to keep your Leather Ski Gloves in tip top shape

Drying your Gloves

When drying gloves out after a day of skiing, keep them away from direct sources of heat. Airflow is great, sitting directly in front of a fire place will lead to dry/cracked leather. 

Washing your Gloves

Never wash Leather Gloves in a washing machine! If they start to smell or gear stained, hand wash with warm water and a soft detergent. Air Dry & re-waterproof if necessary.


Conditioning the Leather portions of your gloves is the most important step to a long lasting ski glove. Conditioning the leather will keep the leather supple & waterproof and prevent it from drying out and cracking.

We recommend the use of Nikwax Leather Wax or Hestra Leather Balm.

Caring for Synthetic Gloves

Synthetic gloves are a little easier to take care of. Drying them straight in front of a fire place isn't as bad, and certain gloves can even be washed in a washing machine.


Washing Ski Gloves with no Leather is a little easier. Tech Wash as detergent & hand wash is best. Machine wash is not recommended for keeping liners & insulation in shape.


If your gloves start to wet out on wet days, give them a once over with some Nikwax Proofer. If that doesn't solve it, may be worth an upgrade to a pair of Leather gloves, seriously Leather ski gloves are king!