Lowest Price Guaranteed

We pride ourselves on bringing you the lowest prices on the market. 

While we keep a close eye on the pricing in the marketplace we spend our days working on being the best retailers we can be, not scouring our competitors websites. If you see a stocked item at one of our competitors at a lower price, contact us and we will beat the price.

Some conditions:
  • The item must be in-stock at the competing store.
  • It must be exactly the same item. Brand, model, year, size, colour etc etc. Only apples-for-apples comparisons.
  • The price must be clearly advertised by the competing store, either on their website or printed/electronic promotional material and include shipping.
  • The advertised price must not be below our cost price.
  • The retailer must be located in Australia and authorised by the local distributor or manufacturer. No eBay auctions, Amazon or clearing houses.