Along with beacons and probes, shovels are a vitally important part of a skier’s kit that can help in the event of an avalanche. In case of dangerous snow conditions, a shovel can make all the difference in saving someone before it’s too late.

There are a variety of snow shovels that offer great features for digging in the snow after an avalanche. Most avalanche shovels are short in length, with the shovel pan itself being very wide and deep, allowing you to scoop out large amounts of snow as quickly as possible.

Avalanche shovels are also designed to fit easily in any snow traveler's backpack. The grip can often be extended, and the shaft can be removed. An avalanche shovel is highly durable, packing large amounts of snow in the shovel without bending under its weight.

If you are interested in backcountry skiing, you must carry a shovel with you at all times. These roads less traveled are full of fun and adventure, but are also very dangerous. You never know when you will need a shovel to dig someone or something out of piles of snow. The heavy grip of the handle and wide scoop of the shovel offer maximum shoveling ability in the shortest amount of time possible.