Along with beacons and probes, shovels are a vitally important part of a skier’s kit that can help in the event of an avalanche. When you or a buddy is caught, the right shovel can make all the difference.

Plastic shovels are for building jumps, not digging someone out efficiently. Look for a shovel with a sturdy Aluminium blade that is the right size for your pack and body type. For most people, many 'strokes' of a small blade is the most efficient way to shovel, only look at a bigger blade if you are very strong. D Grips are the most favourable for ergonomic shovelling, hence the majority of shovels we stock have a D Grip.

The G3 Spadetech and Avitech shovels are well designed, strong, light and easy to assemble. These are essential characteristics of a Backcountry tool that could be the difference between life and death. 

The BCA B-1 Extendable Shovel is another great option from BCA, lightweight aluminium that has stood the test of time and will serve you for years.