Salomon Guardian 16 MNC Alpine Touring Binding

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The 2015 Salomon Guardian 16 is now Multi Norm Certified so it can take DIN, Touring and WTR Soles.

We are impressed with the all new 2015 Salomon Guardian 16 Ski Bindings for their ability to switch from hike to ski mode with out having to take your ski off. There are times in the backcountry when you just do not want to have to take your skis off and with the Salomon Guardian AT Binding you can just use your ski pole. To lock the binding into ski mode you can just step into the plate and the self cleaning plate allows this with ease.

Din Range: 7-16

Other Features:
Flat Nose - 90 Degree Pivot for optimal climbing capability
Strengthened Rigidity - Improves Edge-to-Edge Power Transmission
Simplified Base Plate - Reduced snowpack during climbing mode
Adjustable Toe-Height - Can adjust from the top of binding
Climbing Aid: Easy to adjust as it stays on the ski not on the heel

Small - (260-320mm)
Large - (305-360mm)

*It is best to not be on the end of the spectrum of sizes. If your boot is a 318mm and above you should get the Large Binding.