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There’s no doubt that skiing and snowboarding can be dangerous activities for those not prepared. In addition to accidents and injuries, there is always the potential for an avalanche. PIEPS provides avalanche protection solutions and safety equipment to fight that risk.

The research and development that go into PIEPS’ solutions were started in 1967, and the company has regularly updated its offerings and safety systems. Today, you’ll find a number of avalanche safety products available, including avalanche beacons, probes, shovels and more. Packaged up together, the DSP Sport Avalanche kit has the 1-2-3 of avalanche safety covered.

Hailed as one of the most easily used avalanche beacons on the market, the DSP beacon offers industry-best design and a compact form factor that ensures it is easily carried and stored.

Simple, functional and effective, these tools can provide lifesaving help in the event of an avalanche. Each beacon offers three antennas for better accuracy and range in a compact and easy to use casing. 

Don't hit the slopes unprepared. Make sure you have the protection you need from PIEPs.


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