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Lange XT3 130 Ski
Lange Lange XT3 130 Ski Boots
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Ski Boots

From humble beginnings in Montebelluna in Italy, ski boots have come a long way since leather boots were used. Bob Lange created the first plastic ski boot in 1962 (hint, it was a Lange). Since then, there have been numerous changes to ski boot design as our needs have progressed and skiing styles have evolved.

Modern ski boot construction takes advantage of developments in materials over the past 50 years to create stronger yet lighter ski boots, with more comfortable and moldable ski boot liners. The ability to modify, adjust and alter ski boots has resulted in boot fitters being able to create custom ski boots. Brands like Atomic, Salomon, Tecnica and Nordica all have technologies that allow for significant customization of their boots. Custom ski boots give the user the chance to have a high level of comfort without sacrificing performance. If this sounds like what you want, be sure to book an appointment for our Melbourne ski shop, located in Prahran. 

Another way to increase the comfort of ski boots is to use an aftermarket arch support. We use the Sidas range of Custom Footbeds that are moulded to your foot or Pre-fabricated Insoles that replace the sock liner that comes inside of a ski boot and help to distribute pressure more evenly and transfer power into the ski more efficiently. Nowadays there is a range of other fitting solutions to help alleviate sore spots and give you comfortable ski boots. You can even use heated socks or heated custom footbeds if you suffer from cold feet whilst skiing.

Using proper, thin ski socks made from natural and technical fibres are essential for warm feet and comfort whilst skiing. We all ski in ski socks from Le Bent as we've found their blend of wool and bamboo give a warm, soft and itch-free sock that doesn't get smelly!

We have carefully curated our ski boot selection here at Aussieskier. Lots of choice in both Mens and Women's ski boots, Alpine Touring Boots, classic Performance Ski boots, Freeride Ski boots. We have the range and skills to get the right ski boots on your feet for a happy holiday.

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