The name might be a little tongue-in-cheek, but the bags and accessories manufactured by Douchebags are known around the world for their quality, durability and style. Founded in 2012 in Oslo, Norway, Douchebags has grown into a global company with a reputation for innovation. “Travel redefined” is their tagline, and they definitely live up to that.

Douchebags offers a very wide range of luggage, backpacks, bags and other solutions to help you carry and store your stuff. One of the most popular options is the compact Douchebag Aviator carry-on roller bag, although the Little Bastard 60L roller bag is also popular. The Douchebag Base 15L backpack is a great starting point for basic backpacking needs, and the Hugger 30L bag can serve as a backpack, carry-on or even a duffle bag.

The company also manufactures a range of ski and snowboard bags, including the Slim Jim single foldable wheeled ski bag, and the Douchebags 2.0 foldable roller ski bag for those seeking a bit more in the way of convenience.

Whether you’re in need of a carrying solution for your skis or looking for a new carry-on, Douchebags has something that will work, and work well.