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Db Db Base 15L
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Db Db The Expeditionist Luggage Tag
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Db Db The Djärv Ski Bag
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Db Db The Strøm 30L Backpack
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The name might be a little tongue-in-cheek, but the bags and accessories manufactured by Douchebags are known around the world for their quality, durability and style. Founded in 2012 in Oslo, Norway, Douchebags has grown into a global company with a reputation for innovation. “Travel redefined” is their tagline, and they definitely live up to that.

Douchebags offers a very wide range of luggage, backpacks, bags and other solutions to help you carry and store your stuff, they really do have one in every size for every need. The Douchebag Base 15L backpack is a great starting point for basic day to day use. Next up, the Hugger 30L bag is designed to be the perfect carry on a backpack that can double as a ski boot bag. The new Carryall Duffels are feature-filled duffel bags that are perfect for your next weekend away. Available in two sizes, 40L and 65L.

The company also manufactures the best ski and snowboard bags known to man. Starting with the Slim Jim, a single ski bag with wheels, it's sleek and easy to use handle makes travelling a breeze. Followed by its bigger brother, the mecha, The Douchebag, aka the best ski bag on the market. Just look at the reviews and see how many people love the Douchebag. 

We are one of the largest retailers of Douchebags in Australia. Take a look at Jon Olsson's Vlog, the reviews on our site and see what all the fuss is about.

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