Ski Bags are a pretty simple premise. To make dragging all of your ski kit overseas easy and comfortable, and to keep the dastardly airlines from damaging your new, shiny, skis that you purchased here at aussieskier (wink wink).

Over the last 30 years, the aussieskier crew have become fairly experienced travellers. For the most part, doing back to back winters both here in Australia and various parts of the world. America, Canada, Europe, Japan, we have definitely had some fun sampling the worlds mountains and the amazing snow found across the seas. We have picked up a few tips about travelling over the years, so if you have any questions, definitely get in touch.

Factors to Consider


Considering cavemen worked out the wheel thousands of years ago, its hard to consider travelling with a bag without wheels. Full ski bags can weigh upwards of 25kg, your shoulder will thank you for wheels.


Baggage handlers are rough on baggage. Doesn’t matter if you fly first class or budget, the same people are throwing your bags around the tarmac. Padded bags last longer and offer better protection for your gear.


A Douchebag speciality, when you aren’t using your ski bag, compressible bags take up less room. Roll it up and forget about it, rather than trying to stuff it under the bed.


Getting Ski Bag length right is important if you want to avoid the dreaded bag sag. The feeling of having the bottom of the bag drag along the ground of the airport is not a nice one.


Lighter is better in the world of ski bags, means you can take more of your precious cargo without busting your baggage allowance.

Ski Bags Comparison Tables

We have composed a range of information about all of the different ski bag options for you to assess in one place.

Single Ski Bags RRP Wheels Padding Compressible Lengths Weight
Douchebags Slim Jim $194.99 Yes Yes Yes Adjustable 150cm – 205cm 1.5kg
Dakine Padded Single $129.99 No Yes No 175cm, 190cm 1.3kg (175cm)
1.4kg (190cm)
Dakine Ski Sleeve $79.99 No No No 175cm, 190cm 700g (190cm)


Double Ski Bags RRP Wheels Padding Compressible Lengths Weight
The Douchebag $359.99 Yes Yes Yes Adjustable 150cm – 205cm 3.8kg
Dakine Boundary $299.99 Yes Yes No 185cm, 200cm 5.4kg (185cm)
5.7kg (200cm)
Dakine Fall Line $199.99 Yes Yes No 175cm, 190cm 2.8kg (175cm)
3.1kg (190cm)
Dakine Low Roller $199.99 Yes Yes No 157cm, 165cm 2.3kg (157cm)
2.5kg (165cm)

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