Do you need something that can safely and reliably hold all of your items without weighing you down or proving too cumbersome? Backpacks are a great solution to your item-carrying needs, and can be the difference between a bad ski day and a good one.

Backpacks come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and can be useful even in the most extreme backcountry situations. Think about all of the items that you must have on your person when deciding to start on a dangerous backcountry trek. A backpack can easily hold your transceivers, beacons, shovels, and extra equipment without making you feel bogged down.

The technology equipped within the fabric of the backpacks makes it easy for you to carry your items while the backpack supports most of the weight. The tough materials protect it – as well as your items inside – from water and other weather conditions. Having a good backpack is essential to living like a pro skier.

The Black Diamond Pilot Jetforce Avalanche Airbag is one of the more popular backpacks on the market, and is ideal for carrying your important avalanche items while having fun on a backcountry excursion. The materials are durable yet lightweight, ensuring that you won’t feel fatigued by carrying your essentials around.