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Db Base 15L-Black Out-aussieskier.comDb Base
Db Db Base 15L
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Black Crows Dorsa 20L Backpack-Green-aussieskier.comBlack Crows Dorsa 20L
Rip Curl F-Light Snow 32L Backpack-aussieskier.comRip Curl F-Light Snow 32L
Dakine Heli Pro 20L Womens Backpack-B4BC Floral-aussieskier.comDakine Heli Pro 20L Womens Backpack-B4BC
POC Dimension VPD 22L Backpack-Sylvanite Grey-aussieskier.comPOC Dimension VPD 22L Backpack-Sylvanite
The North Face Slackpack 2 Ski Backpack-Black / Red-aussieskier.comThe North Face Slackpack 2 Ski Backpack-Black /
Scott Patrol E1 30 Avalanche Airbag Backpack-aussieskier.comScott Patrol E1 30 Avalanche Airbag
Db The Strøm 30L Backpack-Black Out-aussieskier.comDb The Strøm 30L
Db Db The Strøm 30L Backpack
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Db The Strøm 20L Backpack-Black Out-aussieskier.comDb The Strøm 20L
Db Db The Strøm 20L Backpack
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Osprey Kamber 20
Osprey Kamber 30 Backpack-Alpine
Osprey Soelden 22


Backpacks, everyone has one, everyone needs one. Get the right backpack and make hauling your gear easy and pain-free. There are a variety of shapes and sizes dedicated to different uses. 

The technology equipped with the fabric of the backpacks makes it easy for you to carry your items while the backpack supports most of the weight. The tough materials protect it – as well as your items inside – from water and other weather conditions.

The Douchebags range includes great travel and day-to-day backpacks endorsed by Jon Olsson himself. The Hugger 30L and Base 15L are the two most popular and can hook up to their larger bags.

If you are looking to ski with your backpack, check out the Black Crows Dorsa 27L, Douchebags Explorer or Dakine Heli Pro 20L, these feature lightweight but durable materials and dedicated pockets for carrying avalanche tools and other ski equipment.

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