Achieve Comfort and Performance by Investing In Your Own Ski Boots

Here at, we believe having correctly fitted ski boots can make or break your trip. Imagine forking out thousands of dollars and taking annual leave only to spend two weeks in agony skiing in Japan? It just isn’t worth it.

Whilst rental boots are a fantastic, cost-effective way to get out and enjoy the slopes, the reality is if you’re skiing regularly the investment and subsequent benefits in getting a custom fit ski boot and footbeds far outweigh the cons. Think of rental boots as a one-size-fits-all solution. They’re generally made incorporating soft flexing plastics in wide widths, using low-quality foam liners that break down, compress, or ‘pack out’ after 80-100 days of skiing.

In our experience boot fitting at the snow, it was loose fitting boots that were the main offender when it came to pain and problems out on the slopes, and kept the fridge out back filled with 6 packs of beer! Whilst boot fitters have an arsenal of tricks to help with pain like blisters, bruising and hotspots, these tend to be temporary solutions that don’t address the real issue – your foot is swimming inside the boot and they are most likely too big as a result of a poor initial fit or the liners have packed out and reached the end of their life. Subsequently, your performance is limited and comfort is non-existent.

Performance in ski boots is achieved when the foot is held in a stabilised position and there is a nice firm fit around the foot and lower leg. Some form of arch support is the best way to go about stabilising the foot inside the boot, and everybody who tries on new boots should at the very least experience what a pre-fabricated insole feels like before they leave the shop. A custom footbed is a mould of the skier’s foot in a neutral position and will always be better than a pre-fabricated solution. The ski boot should feel like a firm handshake around the foot and lower limb with tight, evenly dispersed pressure. This type of firm fit, combined with the use of a custom footbed will allow the skier to instantaneously transfer their energy and weight into the ski edges and will increase on snow performance.

If you’re skiing in Australia or overseas almost every year it’s definitely worth the investment for your own professionally fit, comfortable ski boots.

In an boot fit, we take the time to understand how you like to ski, learn what you want from your skiing, and observe the anatomy and biomechanics of your lower limb. This allows us to narrow down a selection from our wide range of boots and to help you choose from 2-3 options. No matter what you want from your skiing, we’ll help you get there with comfort and performance on your side.

If you’d like you can book an appointment with our expert boot fitters and we will help you find the balance between performance and comfort you’re after.