How to Stop your Ski Gear from Smelling Bad

There are a couple of key culprits when it comes to stinking out the drying room, the biggest of which are your boots and thermals.

Merino Wool's Anti Odour properties

Merino is your new best friend when it comes to being stink free, and also staying warm. It has natural anti-bacterial properties which resist the build up of odours.

When we exercise, the body heats up and we emit sweat which is a mixture of water, fats and salts. The moisture from your sweat increases the humidity between your body and your clothes creating the perfect atmosphere for Bacteria and Odour molecules to thrive. These bacteria cling onto the smooth, non coated surfaces of the synthetic fabrics and begin to grow causing your clothes to stink.

Merino’s complex chemical structure is made up of interlocking fibres that locks the odour molecules within the fibre and only releases them on washing, so it won’t stink at aprés ski drinks, and it can last for days before you do need to wash it.

Each fibre has a natural anti bacterial coating which attracts these bad bacteria and odour molecules and locks them deep down into the garment. Once trapped the merino naturally begins to break them down and eliminate them. The result is a fresh smelling garment that can be worn for a number of days. Unlike most synthetics, any odour molecules that remain in the garment are released during the washing process.

It’s also ultra breathable. Merino has a natural ability to wick away moisture produced when you’re working hard. This this helps to regulate your temperature and stop you from feeling clammy keeping you warm and comfortable.

Other modern fabrics like Polypropylene are designed to dry quickly, but when you strip down at the end of the day, it’s likely that your boots and gloves are going to be damp. Most lodging at the snow has a drying room, and it’s important that you hang up your gear overnight, giving it the best chance to fully dry out. You’ll then be dry, warm and ready for another day out there!