5 Reasons To Use Custom Footbeds

Having a custom footbed can make a great positive impact on your skiing for both progressing beginners and experienced skiers alike. Whether it’s performance enhancing qualities have you skiing with more confidence, or it solves your pains and problems, a custom footbed will increase your performance whilst you are out skiing in comfort for longer.

Here are our top 5 reasons why you should invest in a custom footbed:

1. Greater Performance
By filling in space underneath the arch with a custom footbed, as soon as you start to roll your foot and place weight through the inside of your arch that will be translated straight through the footbed, through your boot and binding onto your ski edge. Your energy being transferred into the ski more efficiently means more control, enhanced responsiveness and increased performance. Has your progression plateaued? A custom footbed is exactly what you need to smash that plateau.

2. Increased Comfort
Creating a custom footbed with a complete mould of the plantar surface (underneath) of the foot will make the foot feel incredibly supported. With this, there will be even pressure distribution preventing unwanted hotspots under the foot allowing you stay keep skiing for longer.

3. Better Fit
It’s common for a foot to lengthen up to a size when unsupported and weight bearing. Give it good arch support so it can’t collapse and you’ll find yourself skiing in a tighter more performance orientated fit. Does your medial malleolus (inside ankle bone) and/or the outside of your forefoot become sore or tender when you ski? Chances are your foot is pronating (rolling in) inside the boot cause your ankle bone to rub on the inside wall of the boot shell. And your forefoot? Well it everts or twists out which is what causes that pain on the outside of your forefoot, or little bumps like skier’s toe. The way to fix it is you guessed, a custom footbed. By supporting the arch the foot is not allowed to pronate inside the shell so you get no hot spots on your feet

4. Less Pain
By supporting the longitudinal arch, evenly distributing pressure and realigning the foot with a custom footbed, common pains and problems such as the following can be solved:
– Arch fatigue
– Ankle pain
– Black Toes
– Burning at the ball of the foot
– Numbness along the sole of the foot
– Aching knees, hips and lower back

5. Warmer Feet
Holding the foot in a neutral position and reducing its ability to pronate will allow nerves and blood flow to run through the foot unimpeded. This will prevent numb spots, and unrestricted blood flow will help keep your feet warm.