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Rojo Womens Size Guide

Your outerwear is your first point of defence for keeping the weather out. The quality of your outerwear is often a key point in your enjoyment of a bad weather day on the hill. This guide is aimed at providing you with the 

Waterproof and Breathability Ratings

The Waterproof and Breathability ratings are a good place to start when it comes to picking out a Ski Jacket or Pants. In general, higher ratings will perform better in adverse conditions, although these ratings aren’t the only important factor.


Waterproof Ratings are measured in mm’s of height using a water column. They range from 2,000mm (2k) up to 40,000mm (40k), with most options sitting at 10k, 15k, or 20k. Gore-Tex is accepted to be rated at 28k waterproofing and is the gold standard for staying dry.

Rating (mm) Description Suitable Conditions
0 - 10,000 Low waterproofing ratings, rain and snow proof in some conditions Sunny, Cold Snow
10,000 - 15,000 Medium waterproofing ratings, rain and snow proof for most conditions Sunny, Cold Snow, Light Rain
15,000 - 20,000 High waterproofing ratings, rain and snow proof for all but the worst conditions Sunny, Cold or Wet Snow, Medium Rain
20,000+  Highest waterproofing ratings, rain and snow proof for all conditions All conditions

If you go out when its raining and expect to stay dry, you don’t want to be looking  at anything less than 20k Waterproofing. Lower-ratings work well for the occasional shower or snowing, but will wet out quicker than their higher rated cousins.


Breathability is a measure of how well a water vapour disperses from inside the outerwear. It is measured in grams per 24hr period, and ranges from 2,000g (2k) up to above 30,000g (30k). Breathability becomes more important the more active you are when wearing it.

Rating (g) Description Suitable Users
0 - 10,000 Low breathability ratings Resort
10,000 - 15,000 Medium breathability ratings Resort
15,000 - 20,000 High breathability ratings Backcountry, Resort
20,000+ Highest breathability ratings Backcountry, Resort

If you regularly chuck your skis on your shoulder and hike for a better run, a higher breathability rating is essential. Anything 10k or less you will find that you sweat more often while skiing and the moisture inside your layers will be more uncomfortable.

Breathability is only as good as the layers you wear. If you are stacking cotton t-shirts and hoodies under your jacket, breathability performance will be severely compromised. Layering is key!

Waterproof & Breathability is only the start. Most brands are likely to add higher quality features in a higher quality garment. Hence you will find better seam sealing, DWR finishes and zippers on pieces with higher waterproof ratings. These smaller details play a huge role in comfort & performance.

Read More Here

Cleaning / Re-Waterproofing

In order to keep your outerwear in tip-top shape, it needs to be washed. Whether its Gore Tex, or any other form of waterproof Outerwear.

Over time, the pores in your jackets & pants get filled with dirt, oil & other various grime. This inhibits the garments ability to breathe and wears down the DWR coating, ultimately leading to reduced waterproofing performance.

How Often Should you Clean your Outerwear?

It depends. The DWR Coating will be the first noticeable failure and sign that your outerwear needs some love. When water stops beading off the surface and water begins to absorb into the fabric it is definitely time for a wash.

This rarely happens more than once a season, unless you are out in the elements every day. If you are a recreational skier, a great habit is to wash and care for your gear before putting it into storage for summer so that its ready to go for the next season.

If you ski back to back winters and put a lot of days in. We recommend to do a full care in Spring and a touch up once in Autumn when you get back from Overseas.

Ski Jacket Cleaning

Ski Jackets can be machine washed as normal, but with a specialised detergent: Nikwax Tech Wash. This detergent efficiently cleans and re-vitalises your jacket. It also prevents soap suds (from traditional detergents) from coating the pores and preventing breathability of your ski jacket.

Many garments will have a care guide, wash according to that if they have one. If not it is generally safe to use a warm washing machine cycle with a rinse cycle and minimal spinning. Avoid using any fabric softeners, bleach, or stain removers.

Before putting the Ski Jacket in, zip up all the zippers and fasten all velcro & buttons on the garment.

After washing, a medium heat tumble dry will help to re-activated the DWR. You can also line dry and re-activate the DWR coating with an iron on medium heat, no steam with a small towel between iron face and garment to prevent burning. If you follow these steps and your jacket still doesn't repel water in the way it used to, follow the Re-Waterproofing guide down below.

If your Ski Jacket has Down Filled Insulation, tumble drying is the best option. Add a few tennis balls into the dryer in order to maximise fluff of the insulation.

Ski Pants Cleaning

Ski Pants can be cleaned exactly the same way as Jackets. Zip everything up and wash in a gentle cycle with regular detergent. Avoid using any fabric softeners, bleach, or stain removers.

After washing, a medium heat tumble dry will help to re-activate the DWR. You can also line dry and re-activate the DWR coating with an iron on medium heat, no steam with a small towel between iron face and garment to prevent burning.


If water still isn’t beading off your garment after following the above steps, your DWR coating may be worn through. DWR Coatings are advertised to last for up to 20 launderings, but in reality, we rarely find that is the case. Good news is that re-applying a DWR coating is fairly easy.

There are two kinds of DWR application, Spray-on or Wash-In. Spray on DWR are good for insulated pieces or anything with a lining. Wash In DWR is only good for 3L shell pieces. If you are unsure, Spray is the way to go. After washing your outerwear, before drying it. Get a bottle of Spray on DWR coating and apply liberally. Focus on areas that wet out first, Shoulders and sleeves of your Jacket, and Thighs and Butt of Pants.

Read More Here


Any defective items that are still within the manufacturer’s warranty period will be returned to the manufacturer or their local agent for warranty assessment.

The manufacturer or their local agent has sole discretion in determining whether an item is defective and qualifies for a repair or replacement.

Be sensible – if you slide rails or hit rocks, your skis aren’t going to get replaced. 

Chips to the edges of a ski's topsheet & topsheet peeling caused by skiing with your feet close together or banging your skis together on a lift are not covered by warranty.

Contact us with your proof of purchase to begin the process.

Luggage: Please note that luggage warranties specifically refer to manufacturing defects, not damage sustained during travel. For example a tear in the fabric isn't covered, but a burst seam or defective zip is.

Airline policies differ, but generally require you to report damage sustained to your luggage either at the airport or within 1-3 days of your flights in order to receive compensation.


Too big, too small, not stoked on the colour? No worries!

First step is to lodge an RMA request on your account page:

Items marked as Clearance are not eligible for a change of mind return. 

In-store: Subject to the below conditions, items purchased in-store can be returned for an exchange or store credit within 14 days of purchase. 

Online: Subject to the below conditions, items purchased online can be returned for a refund within 30 days of purchase.

Return shipping to us is at your own cost. Address all parcels to: 11 Aberdeen Rd Prahran VIC 3181

Return Conditions:

  • The item must be in unused/unworn and in re-saleable condition
  • Packaging must be original & undamaged with all stickers/tags etc still attached & factory seal intact.
  • Avalanche Safety items are not eligible for returns

Electronic devices:

  • Device must not have been turned on and/or the battery inserted.
  • Device must be returned in factory sealed packaging.


  • Please note that we cannot accept returns/exchanges on skis that have been mounted.

Ski Boots:

  • Specifically for ski boots we ask you to not mark the soles while trying them on at home, only walk on carpet, boots used on concrete/hard surfaces will be refused a return.
  • Any attempt at heat moulding/boot modification will void the eligibility for return.
  • Boots that have been heat-moulded or customised in any way in-store can't be returned


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