Black Crows Camox Skis 2019

The Black Crows Camox is a great all-around ski for Australian conditions. A little wider underfoot than most would consider for an everyday Australia ski but your legs will thank you on the slushy afternoons when those on skinnier skis are getting bogged down. 

Don't let the double rocker scare you, there is still plenty of camber underfoot to give the ski energy and performance on piste. The short rocker on both tip and tail aids its manoeuvrability and ability to slot in a couple quick turns when needed.

If you were to pick a ski and blindly go and ski in whatever conditions were out there, the Black Crows Camox is as close to a perfect all-rounder as they come. 

the nitty-gritty

  • Medium width: 97mm waist.
  • Double rocker: easy to handle with good control and pivot.
  • Medium classic camber: classic camber underfoot with moderate ski/snow contact giving a good balance between stability and manoeuvrability.
  • Medium flex, stiff underfoot and softer through the tip and tail: comfortable during the turn and efficient on all types of terrain.


Length (cm) Tip (mm) Waist (mm) Tail (mm) Radius (m)
174.6 125 97 112 18
181.2 127 97 114 18
186.1 130 97 115 18