Masterfit The Eliminator Tongue

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The Eliminator from Masterfit is a go-to solution for common fit and performance problems. The Eliminator is placed between the user's sock and liner to take up volume and space. The soft EVA foam is tapered from thick in the middle to thin on the outside and will auto-mold during wear.

For specific problem areas, it's possible to cut a 'window' around the problem area to relieve any pressure. This is a great solution for skiers with bruising, scar tissue and shin bang.

It is designed to sit over the instep then up the shin, however once put in place if the boot is too tight over the instep just cut the foam off through that area. Easy!

The Eliminator can also help by:

  • Stops shin bite & instep pain
  • Relieves calf pressure
  • Snugs cuff fit and eliminates heel lift
  • Help get skiers out of the “back seat”
  • Reduces muscle fatigue
  • Prevents “black toe”

Small Size: 22-25 Mondopoint

Large Size: 25.5+ Mondopoint