Mid Layers

It’s a known fact that layers are important when it comes to weatherproof clothing, especially in the snow. But it’s important to consider the importance of mid-layers as an essential part of the overall ski enthusiast’s kit of equipment.

Mid-layers provide a lot of warmth and insulation, but are not nearly as thick or durable as outer layers, such as puffer jackets or other reinforced items of clothing. Mid-layers serve as good jackets for light snow activities. If you are traveling to an area that is cold, but not actively snowing, a mid-layer jacket may suit your needs perfectly.

If you are getting ready to climb a steep mountain, and you’re packing on your ski gear for a day of adventure out in the rough weather conditions, make sure to clothe your body with plenty of mid-layers. Cotton quilt snap pullovers, loft jackets, and even reversible vests are all great mid-layer options for medium wear.

Most mid-layer options are lightweight and comfortable, but without sacrificing any of the benefits of warmth and protection. By investing in a good pull-over or mid-layer vest, you can decide whether or not you need to pile your heavy jacket on top of it or keep going with the level of protection you currently have. Mid-layers are known for their flexibility!