Hoodies are great for casual wear, but are also essential for staying warm, flexible, and protected out in the snow. There are a variety of hoodies designed to be fitting and extra insulated for ski use. Plus, they’re rather fashionable, as well.

Many hoodies are warm enough to be used in even the depths of winter, offering polyester blends that keep you warm and dry while protecting you from wind and snow. They are tough enough to wear on your favorite ski trip, and are also lightweight enough to be used on any casual evening.

Hoodies are the perfect fit for a mid-layer item, keeping you warm on the inside but cool enough to keep you from overheating. Layer it with a puff jacket on top, or even a puff vest, leaving your sleeves freer to move around the way you need. The relaxed feel of a hoodie makes it easy to pile other layers on top, and many of the fabrics prevent you from sweating or perspiring while wearing it.

Hoodies can come with or without a zipper, giving you the pullover feel for a streamlined part of your snow-protection equipment kit. With insulated hoods to keep your ears warm, and a thick terry fabric to be warm yet breathable, hoodies are always a smart choice for snow gear.

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