Ski Boot - Care Guide

There isn’t too much that needs to be done to look after your ski boots. They don’t need bases waxed or edges sharpened like your skis. You will, however, want to make sure that they’re dry every time you put your feet into them, and also when they go away at the end of the season. Maybe your lodge has a drying room, or maybe you pull the liners out of the shell after a long day skiing. Both are great options.

We’re huge fans of using the Sidas Drywarmer Pro USB to dry our ski boots. They plug into any 2amp USB port, be it in the wall, power bank, or car adaptor. The Drywarmer circulates warm air to dry your boots and uses UV light to kill any bacteria. 


Wear and tear on your ski boots is normal, especially on the soles from walking on concrete. Keep an eye on how much this plastic wears down as it can affect how your ski boots interface with your ski bindings and potentially cause release issues. If you think your soles may have worn down too much take them to your local ski shop to get them checked. If you want to avoid this problem altogether, using a Sidas Ski Boot Traction will protect your ski boot soles and give you added grip when crossing icy car parks.



If you want to give your ski boots a home for the offseason you might consider using a ski boot bag to store them. Ski boot bags make transporting your boots a lot easier and will carry most of your accessory gear too. A bag like the Dakine Boot Bag 30L is the smallest option you’ll find, although if you're looking around the international carry on size the Douchebag Hugger 30L is the way to go, as long as your boots aren't bigger than a 28.5. Going bigger, the Dakine Boot Pack 50L fits every item I need to ski for a weekend Buller Trip.

 If you’re after the best, a Lange Heated Boot Bag will plug into a powerpoint or car power outlet and will make sure your boots are nice and toasty after your morning drive from Jindabyne to Thredbo or Perisher.


Dakine Boot Bag 30L

Douchebags The Hugger 30L

Dakine Boot Pack 50L

Lange Heated Boot Bag

There's one last thing which is a non-negotiable with ski boot storage. You must buckle up your ski boots. They don't have to be under a huge amount of tension, but it's really important your ski boots are stored in the 'closed' position. They like to live in the shape that they're used.