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Dakine Goggle Stash
Dakine Goggle Stash Store your goggles and spare lenses safely in this padded case
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Lens Colour Description Base Colour
Clarity Spektris Gold
VLT: 13%
Clarity Comp Spektris Silver
VLT: 13%
Clarity Spektris Orange
Sunny / Variable
VLT: 22%
Clarity Comp Spektris Blue
Sunny / Variable
VLT: 22%
Clarity Define No Mirror
Sunny / Variable
VLT: 22%
Clarity No Mirror
Variable / Mixed Clouds / Low Light
VLT: 49%
Clarity Comp Low Light
Low Light
VLT: 57%

Ski Goggles are one of the most essential pieces of your ski gear. They provide the ability to differentiate snow forms, keep snow and wind out of your eyes, and most importantly, protect your eyes from harmful UV rays that bounce around on snow. Any good snow goggles will provide adequate UV protection, what makes a pair of goggles great is ease of use and performance.

Fitting a Pair of Goggles

One of the most important things to look for in a pair of goggles is fit. However it's also the hardest to objectively decide on over the internet. Pending on your particular face shape, certain models simply might not work.

When trying on a pair of goggles for the first time, hold them up to your face with a little bit of pressure and check that the foam is in contact with your face all the way around. The aim is to have them feeling secure but gentle. How tight the strap is has a huge effect on the pressure the goggles exert on your face, so if they feel too tight, loosen it off a little.

Goggle Frame Size

When deciding on a pair of goggle, we normally start with frame size. Bigger frames have the advantage of generally providing better peripheral vision but can be uncomfortable for those with smaller faces.

Frame Size Description Helmet Compatibility
Small Low Profile Goggles to suit smaller faces Great, especially smaller sizes
Medium Medium sized goggles providing good field of vision & fitting most face sizes Great
Large Massive goggles aimed at providing maximum field of vision Poor


Goggle Features

Goggles vary in price from sub $100 all the way up to $400. The difference between the two is the features that each pair comes with. The style of interchangeable lenses is the most significant difference between a good pair of goggles and a mediocre one.

Over the Glasses (OTG)

Most companies have goggles that are compatible with people who wear glasses while skiing. To allow the goggles to sit comfortably over the glasses, the goggles have to have a fair bit of room on the inside of the lens, so lower profile goggles often don’t work very well. The main alteration they make is a small gap in the frame to allow for the arms of the glasses.

Asian Fit

For one reason or another, traditional goggle shapes don’t agree with the stereotypical face shape of Asian skiers. To counter this, goggle companies add an extra layer of padding around the nose area in ‘Asian Fit’ models. This often minimises any gap between the foam and the face that can lead to increased airflow through the goggles.

Lens Interchangeability

There are plenty of good systems out there nowadays, and each of them are different. We could write a whole article on the different methods of changing lenses. Essentially, the old style of pulling up from the top of the frame and then plucking the lens out one notch at a time is outdated. Most people buying these type of goggles have little to no intention of changing the lens.

The newer systems are amazing. Anon’s Magna-tech range tops the class, Dragon feature Swift-Lock in a fair few of their goggles, and Giro have a whole range of cool lens changing options in their new ranges. Each technology make swapping lenses a breeze.

Read More Here

Your new goggles are looking fresh out of the box, my guess you want to keep them that way. Goggle lenses are quite delicate and are extremely easy to damage, but by following these guidelines you will allow them to have the longest life possible.

Avoid touching the inside of the Goggles lens

The first and most important step to looking after your goggles is to try and never touch the inside of the lens. Sometimes this is impossible to avoid, but try to at all costs, especially when wet. 

Don't wear your goggles on your Beanie or Helmet

Avoiding this has many benefits. It will help to prevent any moisture getting to the inside of the lens from perspiration, which leads to fogging up (especially on a wet day). This will also help keep tension in the elastic strap by not stretching it and help to maintain the optimum fit.

When our goggles are on our heat it can be easy to forget that they’re there, making them more prone to damage.

Clean your Goggles with a Microfibre Bag

Your goggles will likely come with a microfibre bag – use this to clean your goggles lenses. It’s always best to carry it in your pocket when you are out skiing/snowboarding.

Store your Goggles in a Microfibre Bag

This one is a no brainer. Whether you are heading for Aprés drinks, back to the lodge, or back to your car. When your goggles have dried out a bit, chuck them in the microfibre bag to avoid them rubbing against any foreign objects. If you’re after even more protection, a Dakine Goggle Stash will store your goggles in a fleece lined, padded case and keep spare lenses separate too.

Tips and tricks to prevent fogging up

Goggles can fog up pretty easily, and it’s a sure fire way to ruin your day. Follow these couple extra pointers that will improve your day drastically:

  • Get fitted properly
  • Don’t wipe the inside of the lens
  • Don’t wear your goggles on your head (especially on a wet day)
  • Keep air vents free of snow and ice
  • Don’t tuck in neck warmer or balaclava
  • Dry them out at the end of the day

Read More Here


Any defective items that are still within the manufacturer’s warranty period will be returned to the manufacturer or their local agent for warranty assessment.

The manufacturer or their local agent has sole discretion in determining whether an item is defective and qualifies for a repair or replacement.

Be sensible – if you slide rails or hit rocks, your skis aren’t going to get replaced. 

Chips to the edges of a ski's topsheet & topsheet peeling caused by skiing with your feet close together or banging your skis together on a lift are not covered by warranty.

Contact us with your proof of purchase to begin the process.

Luggage: Please note that luggage warranties specifically refer to manufacturing defects, not damage sustained during travel. For example a tear in the fabric isn't covered, but a burst seam or defective zip is.

Airline policies differ, but generally require you to report damage sustained to your luggage either at the airport or within 1-3 days of your flights in order to receive compensation.


Too big, too small, not stoked on the colour? No worries!

First step is to lodge an RMA request on our Return Portal

Items marked as Clearance are not eligible for a change of mind return. 

In-store: Subject to the below conditions, items purchased in-store can be returned for an exchange or store credit within 14 days of purchase. 

Online: Subject to the below conditions, items purchased online can be returned for a refund within 30 days of purchase.

Return shipping to us is at your own cost.

Return Conditions:

  • The item must be in unused/unworn and in re-saleable condition
  • Packaging must be original & undamaged with all stickers/tags etc still attached & factory seal intact.
  • Avalanche Safety items are not eligible for returns

Electronic devices:

  • Device must not have been turned on and/or the battery inserted.
  • Device must be returned in factory sealed packaging.


  • Please note that we cannot accept returns/exchanges on skis that have been mounted.

Ski Boots:

  • Specifically for ski boots we ask you to not mark the soles while trying them on at home, only walk on carpet, boots used on concrete/hard surfaces will be refused a return.
  • Any attempt at heat moulding/boot modification will void the eligibility for return.
  • Boots that have been heat-moulded or customised in any way in-store can't be returned


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