Edgie Wedgie

The Edgie Wedgie is a priceless teaching tool in helping young skiers establishing the muscle memory required to create and maintain a stopping wedge position with confidence. It will help speed the learning process, prevent falls and provide your child with a more enjoyable introduction to skiing.

The stretchy, flexible rubber cord clamps onto each of the tips of the skis with the simple twist of a thumb screw. Once attached, with a little balance children need only to spread their legs apart to form and maintain a wedge position without getting skis crossed, tangled or spread wide.

Edgie Wedgies are appropriate for children under the age of 6, specifically toddlers, and will work on any type and length of ski.

As soon as your child has the strength and confidence to consistently stop by making a wedge, the Edgie Wedgie can be removed.

If you have a preferred colour, please leave a note during checkout and we will do our best!

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