Body Armour

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Body Armour

At we take safety seriously, and only stock the best of the best. If you're hitting the hill and park hard, then take a look at the benefits of wearing body armour or a spine protector.

Many brands of body armour are meant to protect the back, spine, and belly, but can be constructed to protect the chest as well. Body armour is just that – a layer of extra defence and comfort to the body. The back padding helps protect skiers against any potential falls or dangerous climbing areas, where armour is more than needed.

The POC VPD Air Vest is a great example of body armour that can offer flexibility as well as support. Not to mention that it moves with you, allowing you the full range of use of your body while the armour takes a supportive role. The padded parts of the armour absorb the brunt of any potential impact, making you feel as if you didn’t fall at all.

If you’re not sure, give us a call – 03 9111 2669 or email us. We're happy to give you some expert advice to make sure you get your safety kit right. 

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