Therm-ic Womens Heated Socks + S-Pack 1400B Battery Pack

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Cause heated socks without the battery are just normal socks! If you regularly get cold feet, heated socks may be your new best friend.

Sock Details:

Ski sock with foot reinforcements for total comfort. Practical and versatile, it’s perfect for skiing. 

Materials: Polyamide 45% (nylon), Acrylic 38%, Polypropylene 10%, Polyester 5%, Elastane 2%

X-Technology fibers: Xitaloft 38%, Nylon 32%, Robur™ 13%, Mythlan™ 10%, XITANIT® 5%, Elastane 2%

Battery Details:

The S-Pack 1400 Bluetooth battery is the most efficient in the range. With Bluetooth technology, you can adjust the heat settings remotely using your smartphone.

  • Bluetooth function
  • Warm feet for up to 16 hours
  • Pack comes with a USB charger
  • Wall charger not supplied
  • S-Pack batteries are suitable for use with the Therm-ic PowerSocks heated socks