Tecnica Zero G Guide 110 Alpine Touring Ski Boots

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The Tecnica Zero G Guide is a quiver killer of boots, designed to cover all your bases and sacrifice nothing.

Lightweight plastics, rubbered walk sole, Dynafit certified tech fittings and a hefty 44° range of motion from the hike mode will tick all the boxes for those of us who like to venture beyond the ropes into the backcountry and explore the untouched terrain. The walk mode is smooth and uninterrupted and allows for easy skinning and boot packing. 

Flicking the boot into ski mode is easy to do with gloves on with the pull tab and then you're set to rip. Tecnica says this boot comes in at a 110 flex, but it does feel a little bit stiffer than that to us. A comfortable, thermoformable liner and a 99mm last give the perfect blend of comfort and performance for your hard earned descent. 

Tecnica helps out your boot fitter through their Custom Adaptive Shape systems, which highlight common areas on the boot and makes them easier to modify. Common expansion spots on the shell are made obvious with dimpled plastic.


  • 1660g per boot (26.5)
  • 99mm last (26.5)
  • C.A.S Lightweight Triax 3.0 Shell
  • 44° Range of Motion in hike mode
  • Dynafit Certified Inserts
  • ISO9523 and tech binding compatible only
  • ISO5355 swappable soles are available
  • 45mm Power Strap