Tecnica Zero G Guide 105 Womens Alpine Touring Ski Boots

For the ladies out there who want a lightweight boot that's easy to walk in, whether it's in or out of the resort, the Tecnica Zero G Guide 105 Womens has got to be a contender on your list. 

The low volume cuff and narrow fitting 99mm shell are good for more slender shaped feet and legs. However, if your feet demand shell adjustments, Tecnica has road mapped problem fit areas for your boot fitter and makes it easy to expand and adjust the shell with Custom Adaptive Shape technology.

A stiff flex for experienced female skiers or those with the appropriate biomechanical tendencies will allow for great performance on piste or beyond the ropes in the backcountry. The liner is thermo-moldable, and filled with merino wool so you'll be warm and in comfort all day long!


  • 1700g per boot (26.5)
  • 99mm last (26.5)
  • Merino Wool insulated liner
  • 44° Range of motion in hike mode
  • Dynafit Certified Tech Inserts
  • C.A.S Lightweight Triax 3.0 Shell
  • ISO9523 compatible rockered sole
  • ISO5355 interchangeable soles are available
  • 45mm Power Strap