Salomon X Max 120 Ski Boots

Salomon is back with their X Max 120 Ski Boot, a high performance, all mountain boot that likes to be skied fast. 
The classic X Max fit is there, with a 98mm shell, low instep and cuff volume, and a super tight heel pocket. If you've ever had an issue with heel lift in ski boots, this is definitely one to try. If the fit is generally pretty good apart from a few pressure areas, Custom Shell technology allows for the ski boot shell to be easily modified by your boot fitter. That means your 98mm last can be pushed out to 104mm. Nice.
The polyamide lower shell has helped to lighten up the weight of this boot, so you get race-inspired performance in a comfortable put-on-and-leave-on ski boot.


  • 2075g per boot (26.5)
  • 98mm last (26.5)
  • Twinframe2
  • PU/PA Shell, PU Cuff
  • My CustomFit 3D Race liner
  • 360 Custom Shell Technology
  • Sole: ISO5355