Rip Curl Zip Free One Piece Snowsuit

Likely the coolest piece of outerwear to ever enter our store, The Zip Free One Piece from Rip Curl is the Ultimate in protection from the elements. Inspired by Ripcurl's wetsuits the One piece suit has no gaps to allow snow in and is breathable enough to pull it off. The specifications are incredible: 30k waterproof and 40k breathability. Who needs waterproof zippers when there are no zips at all.

This suit is the celebration of Ripcurl's 30th year of “The Search”, and by all standards is the most innovative One Piece of the market. Featuring a zip-free system Inspired from our wetsuits as well as a unique fabric combination, the Ultimate Search Suit Zip Free combines waterproofness, breathability and stretch to protect you from the elements while allowing the craziest moves in the snow.

Limited edition for the occasion, there are less than 50 in Australia. 

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