2017 K2 Pettitor Powder Skis

If your ideal day out in the mountains involves poaching and pilfering, blasting and airing, or hooting and hollering, the K2 Pettitor Skis have your name all over 'em.

These fatties, equipped with a 120 mm waist, ample taper in both the tip and tail, and a fluid-flexing full wood core are the ticket to fun-loving pow brapping with the boys. Party shred your way through those pillow stashes, step out some natural features, and generally turn the whole damn mountain into your playground.

With the K2 Pettitor Skis strapped to your feet, you won't be disappointed.



  • Powder Rocker
  • Triaxial Braid
  • Powder Tips
  • Twin Tech Sidewalls
  • Double Barrel Fir-Aspen Core