Feiyu Tech SPG 3 Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabiliser for Smart Phones

The SPG is Feiyu Tech's smartphone gimbal stabiliser. Compatible with both Apple and Android Smart Phones as well as most action cameras such as the the GoPro Hero5 Black it is the most versatile consumer grade gimbal on the market. 


Sliding Arm Mechanism - The Sliding Arm of the SPG enables precise and easy balance adjustment for a wide range of phone and camera sizes and weights. It also allows for the SPG to adapt to heavy attachments (lenses, flashes etc) the phone or camera.

Convenient User Interface - Including a 4-way joystick that allows movement control of the gimbal, the function button, that swaps between the available modes, and the Bluetooth shutter button that removes the need for touching the phone.

22650 Lithium Ion Batteries - Makes shooting up to 8 hours on a single set of batteries possible. Having multiple sets of batteries allows for multi day shooting without requiring a recharge.

New FY Settings App - Access remote control, auto calibration, firmware upgrades, gimbal configuration and many other features from your smartphone by connecting the G5 Gimbal to your smart phone via bluetooth.

Expansion Ports - Multiple 1/4" screw ports on the handle allow for widespread use of camera accessories with the Gimbal. Flashes, Microphones, tripods are all useable with the G5.