Feiyu Tech G5 Splashproof 3 Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabiliser for GoPro Hero 5

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Introducing the Brand New G5 action camera gimbal stabiliser. 

It provides a stable, shudder-free filming platform for capturing all action sports. Gone are the days of worrying about destroying your camera gear with water, this is the first available Splashproof Gimbal, which combines perfectly with the new GoPro Hero5 Black that is Waterproof without a case. 


Convenient User Interface - Including a 4-way joystick that allows movement control of the gimbal, the function button, that swaps between the available modes, and the self-timer button makes portrait photos and videos easier to access than ever.

Long Screw Fixtures - Makes for easy installation of the camera and wide variation in camera size compatibility. The screws are designed so that even after the most violent of shakes, the camera is still attached firmly.

Adjustable Counterweights - Being able to change Counterweights means that the gimbal is compatible for a wider range of cameras, including GoPro Hero 5, Hero 4, and any other similar size/weight cameras.

Unibody Motor Arm - A reduction in joining parts means that the G5 is sturdier and better equipped for heavy duty use.

Precise Brushless Motors - Strong torque output, fast response whilst remaining silent and smooth. Overall making the G5 energy efficient and able to retain charge for up to 8 Hours of operation.

Smart Selfie Mode - Pushing the Self-Timer button turns the camera to face the user making it easier than ever to capture photos and videos of yourself.

New FY Settings App - Access remote control, auto calibration, firmware upgrades, gimbal configuration and many other features from your smartphone by connecting the G5 Gimbal to your smart phone via bluetooth.

Expansion Ports - Multiple 1/4" screw ports on the handle allow for widespread use of camera accessories with the Gimbal. Flashes, Microphones, tripods are all useable with the G5.

In the Box

  • Feiyu G5 Gimbal
  • Protective neoprene case
  • Rechargable Li-ion battery
  • USB cable for charging
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