Atomic Backland Bent Chetler 120 Skis + Atomic Warden 13 MNC Bindings Package 2019

Package the Atomic Backland Bent Chetler Skis and Warden 13 MNC Bindings and Save!

Ski details: 

When you think of a modern powder ski, the Atomic Backland Bent Chetler is the first that comes to mind. Generous rocker allows this ski to be an incredible pillow-bashing, powder-slashing ski. With Chris Benchetler's input, it’s a ski that not only floats better in deep snow but also allows you to expand on the possibilities in powder.

Chris is renowned for effortless style in powder, pillows, butters, landing backwards etc. These skis are made for that. However if, like most of us, you tend to just go forward and enjoy making powder 8's with some buddies they provide incredible float and control when the snow is deep.

    Binding Details:
    The Atomic Warden 13 MNC is a whole new generation of ski binding. Inspired by the backcountry, it has the same Oversized Platform and toe as our Tracker binding, but is the first binding to be TÜV approved for all three types of soles: DIN, Touring and Walk To Ride (WTR). That means it fits every normed boot in the market. It’s 30% wider than comparable bindings, so works particularly well with progressive, wider skis like our Vantage, Century and Automatic. It also features self-retracting Freeski Brakes that eliminate hang-ups on switch landings. The Warden combines the strength and precision you need on-piste with the natural flex, strong dampening and smooth, progressive power transfer required when skiing all over the mountain and through any snow.

    Din Range: 4-13