2018 Line Soulmate 92 Womens Skis + Marker Squire Bindings Package

Package the Line Soulmate 92 Skis and Marker Squire Bindings and Save!!

Ski details: 

The Line Soulmate 92 ski is designed to rip all over the mountain. High speeds, steeps, bumps, groomers - if you've got game, this is your ski.

Binding Details:

The Squire suits the skier who wants a light weight, versatile freeskiing binding that offers powerful energy transmission.

DIN range: 3 - 11

Recom. Skier's Weight: 30-110 kg

Height w/o ski: 22mm

Brake Width: 90mm, 110mm, 120mm Available

Toe System: Triple Pivot Light

Gliding AFD: Stainless Steel, Height Adjustable

Step-in heel: Hollow Linkage

EPS system: Dual-screw Brake Pad