2018 K2 Pinnacle 88 Skis

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The K2 Pinnacle 88 is a welcome younger brother to the range. A solid and secure performance provides versatility in all types of conditions and terrain, designed with Australia in mind!

The 88 boasts a lighter Fir-Nanolite core versus the Aspen-Nanolite of its bigger brothers, giving the ski stability, reduced swing weight and a damper feel for hard-snow and all mountain freeride performance.

At 88mm underfoot and a 15m radius the Pinnacle 88 is playful and ready to rip. Especially suited to slightly lighter skiers and those who prefer skiing off the groomers.

Dimensions – 128/88/110 (177cm)

Construction – Konic Technology, Triaxial Braid, Metal Laminate

Rocker – All-Terrain Rocker, Medium Camber, Low All-Terrain Rockered Tail

Features – Fir-Nanolite Core, 15m radius @ 184cm