2017 Salomon NFX Skis

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Think gravity's overrated? So does the Salmon NFX Lab park and pipe ski, which would rather just stay in the air indefinitely. Of course, no matter how much you want to boost, you'll have to come back to earth eventually, which is the NFX has been hooked up with Pulse Pad Pro rubber shock absorbers in the tip, tail, and binding area to take the sting out of hard landings and add some serious durability to the poppy wood core. The full camber construction also gives you plenty of pop and a solid platform for stomping, along with ability to really drive the XL edges into hard takeoffs and icy jumps.

Salomon hooked the NFX up with some more park-specific technologies, too, starting with a Jib Tech base that combines harder and more durable sections with faster material in key sections to give you the ability to slide rails and mob into jumps without worrying about dinging your bases or coming up short. The twintip shape lets you ride switch like it's no big deal, and the sandwich and sidewall construction give the NFX all the durability and edging power that you need to get as rad as gravitationally possible.

  • Traditional camber
  • Twin tip
  • Full wood core
  • Sandwich and sidewall construction
  • Pulse Pad Pro shock absorbers
  • Hard and durable Jib Tech base
  • XL edges
Length:  160 cm, 170 cm, 176 cm, 182 cm
Dimensions:  122 / 86 / 115 mm
Turn Radius:  [160cm] 14.7 m, [170cm] 15.9 m, [176cm] 17.2 m, [182cm] 18.6 m