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2017 Line Tom Wallisch Pro Skis


This is Tom Wallisch’s ski. It goes anywhere Tom does. On chairlifts. On trails. On rails. Off jumps. On airplanes. On podiums. On quad kinks. On wall rides. On car rides. On…you get the point. This is a stable ski for jumping on and off things. 

The Carbon Ollieband™ gives it plenty of pop so skiers can launch off kickers and onto rails with ease. The Early Rise™ and Early Taper™ in the tip and tail create a low swing weight that is unrivaled, while its super stable Maple Macroblock core make it sturdy enough to handle any damage that massive tabletops and 30-foot closeout rails can dish out, all while being a fun and playful ski for the entire mountain. 

At 90mm underfoot this ski is the perfect size to ride anywhere.

Dimensions – 117/90/112

Construction – Capwall

Rocker – Early Rise and Early Taper Rocker/Camber/Rocker

Features – Maple Macroblock Core, 18.5m radius average

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