2017 K2 AllLuvit 88 Womens Ski

The AllLuvit 88 slims down and bridges the gap between versatile freeride and confident all-mountain skiing. We don’t throw the term “women’s-specific” around lightly – the AllLuvit 88 was built for the lady shredder who stuns the slopes in deep powder, over fresh cord, and through wily bumps alike.

Radius: 13.5m @ 170

Weight: 1675g @ 170

Construction: Bioflex  Konic Fir-Aspen-Nanolite Core | Metal Laminate

Binding Options: Flat

Features: Triaxial Braided | Hybritech Sidewall | Tapered Tip & Tail

Baseline: All-Terrain Rocker

Dimensions: 128/88/110