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Happy Feet are achievable!

Every foot is unique, and every person's bio-mechanics are different. This is why it is so important to get fitted when buying a new pair of ski boots. We will help you to make the right choice by assessing and discussing with you the best solution that will take your skiing to the next level!

Our promise to you:

Guaranteed comfort

It is our promise to you that the boots we sell you are comfortable, therefore we offer our customers who purchase a boot with a custom footbed a Comfort Guarantee so that you can be sure your covered when purchasing your boots from us @ The Boot Lab. When you visit The Boot Lab we do our absolute best to make sure you get the optimum result first time. If, despite our best efforts, your boots & insoles prove uncomfortable we offer a comprehensive Comfort Guarantee for total peace of mind.


Free bio-mechanical assessment

    As part of our boot fit appointment each customer receives a free 10 – 15 min assessment at the start of each boot fit to help determine your body’s flexibilities through assessing your bio-mechanics. There are so many more things to look at and consider than just your foot length! and we have the best understanding of what your body will go through when skiing to help you progress in the correct flexing boot that won’t leave you calling it a day at lunch with burning calves and tingling toes.


    Custom Insoles

      Ski boot manufactures deliver ski boots with very generic inserts that do little more than give you a soft cushion to help make a ski boot feel good when trying it on in the store. Our feet, being one of the most proprioceptive parts of our body, send hundreds of messages to our brain when skiing to help us feel what we are doing while skiing, and assist us in having better balance when doing so. To do this without having a custom insole in your boots is like a surfer paddling out without having wax on their surfboard, and allows the foot to swim around in an unsupported way with much less control of your skis therefore causing a more fatigued way of skiing. To offer the foot support, you are able to feel more, and achieve more with less fatigue, and less chance of causing other problems with your knees, hips or back when skiing. Aligning your feet will have you wondering how you ever skied without a custom insole in your boots giving you better circulation, transfer of energy and keeping your feet warmer when skiing in the mountains.


        Ski boots modifications made to fix problems with fitting and differences in foot types. @ The Boot Lab we have all the tools and experience needed to fix those uncomfortable and restrictive pressure points in your boots, from a simple bunion punch to a new liner or a shell check on the kids boots to see if they have grown out of them, often it is a simple fix that will have you skiing in comfort all day long instead of replacing your boots that still had years of skiing left in them. 


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