Overseas Price Match

We know that you look at prices and shop online at overseas websites.

That's fine - we do it too - you would be stupid if you didn't.

Lots of other sites like to lecture and shame you about the ethics of doing this and how the playing field isn't fair due to Customs Duty/GST etc etc etc.

But you're our customers, you didn't come here to be lectured, and we're not dumb enough to think that if we don't mention the elephant in the room that it will go away.

Instead we're offering a common-sense approach.

For a number of reasons Australian sites & stores are disadvantaged and find it difficult to compete. But all the same we are going to do our best. We may not be able to offer a rock-bottom price, but we do offer fast service and a full manufacturer's warranty, plus much cheaper shipping.

So, if you've found a price on an item overseas that looks attractive, we'd love the opportunity to at least compete.

We may not get as low as the price, but once you factor in the shipping cost, shipping time, and also lack of risk from buying from an Australian store where you the customer are covered by the Trade Practices Act, we think that may outweigh a moderate dollar saving.

So give us a go.

Use the contact form below to show us what you've found overseas, please include the price including all shipping costs to Australia. We will have a look and come back with something keeps us both happy.

The only thing we ask is that you don't use physical stores as a dressing room. That isn't cool.

Price Matches must follow the following guidelines:
  • Like-for-like comparison - product must be exactly the same size, model, year, colour and style
  • Product is eligible for shipping to Australia
  • Product must be in stock at competitor's store
  • Price comparison must include shipping price to Australia