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Founded in 2007, Feiyu Tech has become a leading supplier of recording equipment for outdoor needs. While they offer a range of gimbals designed for aircraft, you’ll also find handheld and wearable gimbals for skiers and snowboarders. In addition to gimbals, Feiyu Tech has made waves with the company’s line of stabilized, handheld cameras.

Recording rock-steady video while you’re blazing down the slopes can be quite a challenge. With Feiyu Tech’s unique gimbal systems, you no longer have to worry about vertigo-inducing footage, though.

Consider the SPG three axis handheld gimbal stabilizer if you’re interested in recording your winter-weather accomplishments with your smartphone. It’s designed to accommodate most smartphones on the market, and hold them completely steady while you’re in action. If you’re a GoPro fan, the Feiyu Tech G5 splashproof 3 axis handheld gimbal stabilizer will work. It’s designed to hold the GoPro Hero 5 completely steady even while you’re in the midst of a downhill run. Both gimbals are lightweight enough for everyday use, as well.

Whether you’re recording for fun, for use in social media, or for professional purposes, you’ll find that Feiyu Tech’s gimbals offer outstanding performance and rock-steady video footage.